Magic Online Energizers

MAGIC - The Online Energizer!

THE addition for your online meeting. A special opening, an exceptional end of your meeting, a magical message for the visitors. Everything is possible with an Online Energizer. A professional magician working from his studio makes sure this online meeting will not be forgotten.

Why an Online Energizer?

  • Versatile: many types of magical effects
  • Professional: brought by professional magician
  • Quality: high quality video and sound
  • Nice atmosphere: energetic and positive
  • Sure: 100% garantied. Unhappy = refund
  • Customizedl: we use your information and your logo
  • International: in several languages available
  • Clear: clear agreements and communication

How do I arrange an Online Energizer?

Step 1: Order

Order one of the following Magical Energizers:

Online Magic Energizers

Step 2: Check

Verifiy the details in your order confirmation.
This is the data that we will use.

Step 3: Prepare

We organise a short online meeting to test the equipment and to ensure the contact and connection are OK.
This will be identical to the actual Online Energizer, nobody wants last-minute puzzles.

Step 4: Enjoy

We will join your meeting and take over.
You only have to enjoy the show 🥳