Support Environment

Support to Optimize your Environment

Your environment plays an important role in how you experience the meeting and how the other attendees experience you.
A bit of effort can achieve a lot of improvement.


Two advantages.

Your monitor

  • Prevent glare
    Place your monitor in the shade
  • Ergonomic height


You will receive a link from the host. Click the link and you will be guided to join the meeting.


  • Prefer natural light
    If natural light can not be avoided then this trick can help you: place a natural light lamp left and right from your monitor.
  • Prevent dark sunglasses


Van twee kanten bekeken:

Je microfoon

  • Voorkom rondzingen
    Als je microfoon voor je boxen staat heb je een grote kans op echos.
  • Voorkom echo


  • Prevent background noise
    Switch of the radio and ensure other noise does not disturb your contribution to the meeting.
  • Test the volume of your microphone.